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Posted in Level Design by skippyx on 11/17/2009

Dark Age of Camelot – Catacombs Expansion

Dark Age of Camelot is a fantasy MMORPG with a strong emphasis on realm vs. realm combat between three separate factions.  The Catacombs expansion introduced instanced dungeons to the game as well as new underground cities and play areas for each realm. 

I did the zone construction and propping for all thirty zones included in this expansion.  This was a very collaborative process, and included brainstorming and iteration with the art, design and production teams.  We were successfully able to meet all of the deadlines in a very aggressive launch schedule.

 Abandoned Mines



I created three Mine zones, one for each realm, and to the left I’ve included an overhead map of one.  Particularly well-received by players was a mine cart ride, which I collaborated on with another designer. 


Glashtin Forge


Glashtin Forge is another example of a zone that I basically created “in triplicate.”  All three realms of Camelot received a zone using this same tile-set but with a different layout and populated by different mobs.


The Inconnu Crypt


Veil Rift


Burial Grounds


Kobold Undercity


The following three images provide overhead views of all thirty of the zones that I constructed and propped for the Dark Age of Camelot’s Catacombs Expansion.

                       Albion       Midgard       Hibernia

In addition to the new static zones, I was also responsible for the team of four designers that implemented zone layouts for sixty instanced dungeons.  A few overhead view examples of these zones are below:




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